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Brewer's yeast with iodine and calcium

  • for gastrointestinal tract
  • for skin, hair and nails
  • for joints and bones
  • vitamins and minerals

Brewer's yeast with iodine and calcium

tabl. 500 mg №100

Iodine s one of the indispensable components of the thyroid hormones. This chemical element is characterized by a broad spectrum of biological effects on the body:

  • regulates energy metabolism, activates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. In turn, all this leads to the consumption of fatty acids, as well as fatty deposits and cholesterol;
  • regulates excitability and functional activity of both central and peripheral nervous systems. As a particularly important point, it is possible to distinguish the effect it exerts on the nervous regulation of cardiac activity;
  • participates in the regulation of growth, physical, mental, and sexual maturation of the body;
  • affects the state of mental and intellectual activity of a person;
  • actively involved in the energy supply of the processes of adaptation of the organism to various extreme environmental conditions.


The most common signs of iodine deficiency are:

  • decreased appetite;
  • fast fatigue, lethargy, bad mood;
  • loss of hair, dry skin, tooth decay;
  • hearing loss, memory impairment, frequent headaches;
  • weakening of immunity, frequent colds and infectious diseases;
  • pain in the heart, shortness of breath.


Calcium is one of the main elements for building a human body, since it is on its basis that skeleton is built. But it is needed not only for strong bones. Calcium has many other useful functions:

  • сalcium is an active participant in the process of blood clotting;
  • this element plays one of the defining roles in the functioning of enzyme systems;
  • calcium has a positive effect on the work of the neuromuscular and cardiovascular system;
  • due to this element, the permeability of blood vessels decreases, and the body's resistance to various infections and toxins is enhanced;
  • calcium has pronounced anti-inflammatory functions.


A large number of useful properties of this element allows us to speak of it as one of the most important elements links in the body of a healthy person.

The combination of brewer's yeast and calcium has a particularly beneficial effect on the human body, acting at the molecular-cellular level. The main advantage of the composition is that brewer's yeast contains vitamin D and amino acids, which contribute to the most complete absorption of calcium. And this is the basic building material for bones, ligaments, muscles and tissues of the whole organism. In addition, calcium and brewing yeast vitamins and trace elements, having a similar effect on the biological and chemical processes of the human body, together create an effect of their amplification.


Signs of a lack of calcium in the body:

  • increased tendency to fracture and development of osteoporosis, tooth decay;
  • cramps and pains in the muscles, a feeling of numbness and tingling in the limbs;
  • development of urolithiasis;
  • decreased immunity, the development of allergies;
  • deterioration of blood clotting;
  • increased excitability, nervousness and irritability;
  • increase in blood pressure.


Take «Brewer's yeast with iodine and calcium»– this will help you reduce the risk of many diseases and feel healthy!

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