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Milk thistle

  • for liver

Dietary supplement "Milk thistle"

tabl. 200 mg №30

One tablet contains active ingredients:

extract of thistle spotted - 65 mg

The liver is the main detoxifying laboratory of the body. If the body is normal, neutralizing toxins is enough, if not, the load on the liver increases, "malfunctions" occur, which leads to various kinds of ailments and diseases. It is very important to create conditions for the normal functioning of the liver. It is better to do this prophylactically, and not in the "first aid" mode. Cells of the liver, experiencing enormous overload, especially need a full-fledged cellular nutrition and support.

Dietary supplements "Milk thistle" - is a natural herbal preparation, the action of which is based on the unique properties of this plant. The extract of the milk thistle contains silymarin, which has a hepatoprotective effect in acute and chronic intoxications. Silymarin binds free radicals and toxic substances, accelerates the regeneration of liver cells, has antioxidant and membrane-stabilizing activity, stimulates protein synthesis.

Silymarin is a complex of flavonoids and flavolignanes, the most naturally occurring substance in the 21st century. About 900 research articles are devoted to the silymarin on the international scientific portal of biomedical publications pubmed.org.

It has been proven that silymarin protects and restores liver cells. Its immunomodulatory effect was established. The revolutionary discovery of 2013 was the determination of the molecular mechanism of the antiviral effect of silymarin.

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