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  • We are trusted by pharmacies <br>in Belarus and Russia
    We are trusted by pharmacies
    in Belarus and Russia
  • Official Representation <br>in Russia
    Official Representation
    in Russia
  • Possibility of work on the projects <br> "Private Label"
    Possibility of work on the projects
    "Private Label"
  • Scope of supply: <br>from small to large
    Scope of supply:
    from small to large
  • Recipes of nature and power of science
    for Your health!
  • Your ideas - our embodiment!
  • D‘ena - the result is obvious!

About company

Bioterra – we help people fulfill their dreams!

Everyone dreams of being healthy and beautiful. And this desire does not depend on either age or wealth. It simply is. At everyone: young men and girls, men and women, aged people.

Parents want their children to be healthy.

The grown up children take care of their parents.

The main objective of LTD "BIOTERRA" — help people to be healthy and beautiful.

Our special pride is a team of professionals.  High professionalism and experience of employees, the desire to achieve a common goal - that's what allows us to create products that will help you maintain and restore health and well-being!

+375 177 755003

About products

The assortment policy of our company is aimed at creating such a line of dietary supplements and cosmetics, so that everyone can choose a product based on their personal needs and goals.

Boosting immunity,

                      disease preventions,

                                         maintaining a beauty of hair and youthful skin – 

our products will help you to solve your problems!